Are Katy Perry and Niall Horan dating? The two musical celebrities have been rumored to be dating since the 'Swish Swish' singer posted an Instagram story featuring her and the former One Direction member. The Instagram story was accompanied by a caption that said "@niallhoran stage 5 clinger." Katy Perry recently broke up with Orlando Bloom while Niall Horan has been single for quite a few months already. According to Metro, Niall Horan is currently single and is actually looking for a girlfriend. Since they are both single, the fans began to wonder if there is something romantic going on between Katy Perry and Niall Horan.

The story behind the Instagram snap

As one famous quote says, "a picture speaks louder than words," what could be the story behind Katy Perry and Niall Horan's Instagram story? According to Entertainment Tonight, the snap happened backstage at 'The Voice Australia' on Saturday. Katy and Niall were at the show for separate guest appearances.

The 'Bon Appetit' singer joked that Niall Horan was following her wherever she went, and the 'Slow Hands' singer rode in on the joke and cheerfully said that he is actually everywhere. Their Instagram story only fueled the dating rumors which most probably began when Katy joked during her guesting at 'Fitzy and Wippa', an Australian morning radio show, about her relationship with Horan.

During the interview, the 32-year old singer reportedly joked that she thinks Horan has a crush on her. She also said that Horan was constantly trying to get her number in what she thinks might be an attempt to flirt with her. However, she has reportedly turned down any possibility of them being a couple by emphasizing that she's too old for him, likening herself to a babysitter or a mom.

Katy Perry is nine years older than the "Drag Me Down" singer.

'Dark Horse' singer admits having special bond with Niall Horan

According to Entertainment Tonight, while Katy Perry may have been joking in the earlier part of her guesting on 'Fitzy and Wippa', she eventually admitted that she and the former One Direction member have a special bond or connection.

She attributes it to the fact that she may have helped him get through 'The X-Factor' and can be considered as one of the factors for helping Niall become who he is now. Meanwhile, Niall Horan himself has addressed rumors about dating Katy Perry. He clarified that his evident affections towards the 'Roar' singer are purely platonic.