John Oliver, who is a known critic of this administration, lambasted Donald Trump over his sexist remarks against "Morning Joe" host Mika Brzezinski in an early morning Twitter tirade on Thursday. The U.S. president even called her "low I.Q." and "crazy," and accused her of "bleeding" from a "face-lift" during their previous meeting where the female host allegedly asked him for an interview which he claimed he rejected.

The "Last Week Tonight" host told his viewers that the leader's comments were "indefensible" and turned to target Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who defended Trump's treatment of the media.

The TV personality labeled the Principal Deputy as the "least amusing cast member in a direct-to-DVD faith-based romantic comedy" who tried to justify the president's recent remarks.

'He fights fire with fire'

Sanders clarified that the U.S. president was in no way promoting violence when he "defended" himself from being personally attacked by these reporters on their show. She even accused "Morning Joe" of attacking not only the POTUS but also some of his staff members.

The Principal Deputy, who was taking over in the absence of Sean Spicer, also criticized the media for their Trump-Russia coverage. Sanders thought there are far more important things to talk about, but claimed that most media outlets have been focusing on the same issue.

After watching Sanders' press briefing where she defended the president from his controversial "Morning Joe" tweets, Oliver thought the Principal Deputy was right when she said that it was expected that the leader would fire back when his detractors hit him.

"Trump is basically a walrus wearing a T-shirt that says, "I Have Diarrhea." He’s pretty open about how grossly sh--ty he can be, so we can’t be shocked when he is,” the TV host said.

Trump and his diversion tactic

Oliver did not miss to point out the U.S. leader's recent video upload where he punched a man whose face was covered with CNN's logo. The host even described it an "unhinged tweet."

But more than these, the "Last Week Tonight" host thought that the president had successfully diverted the public's attention from his proposed travel ban which was partially allowed by the Supreme Court a few days ago when everyone was talking about Trump's unabashed behavior on social media.

“So you would think the President would at least be justifying its existence. Instead, he keeps derailing the conversation with his barrage of bullsh-t," he added.