Reality TV mom Kate Gosselinis all over the media accusing former husband Jon Gosselin of drug dealing, kidnapping, being a gun-toting maniac and more.Gosselin's made claims too, in defense of those accusations. It's not clear who's wrong and who's right in the ongoing "Jon & Kate Plus 8" drama, but one thing is evident. As Jon gets more obese, his ex-wife is getting thinner. Did the "Kate Plus 8" star lose weight, get more plastic surgery,Botox,or have an eating disorder?

Kate Gosselin proves weight loss wives' tale

There's an urban legend that women in happy relationships gain weight while single women lose weight.

How much of that is true is unverifiable, but judging byGosselin, it's accurate. Kate and ex Jon Gosselin split a while ago and she seemed to get leaner. Since her recent split with ex-boyfriend Jeff Prescott, the single mom of 8 looks positively gaunt. Dad Jonathon looks like he's packed on pounds to the point of obesity since the divorce which disproves the opposite side of the myth that men find weight loss when they find love.

Kate Gosselin: diet, exercise, or cosmetic surgery?

Folks remarked that after having sextuplets 12 years ago, the reality show mom lost weight pretty fast. Then she revealed that she'd been offered a free tummy tuck which she happily accepted. There's been a lot of speculation that Kate's had other plastic surgery, namely a boob job.

She waffled when Oprah asked about breast augmentation and flatly denied a facelift or Botox. But that was a few years ago. Now Gosselin's face just seems to get more honed. That could be down to wearing hair longer and foregoing her signature upcombed bob.

Stress, anger, media obsession getting to Kate Gosselin?

Kate's no stranger to strict dieting and workouts.

She's known for being pretty careful about her children's diets and also her own. So weight loss could be from those alone. But Gosselin also has a reputation for being an attention-seeking obsessive-compulsive, especially about maintaining her cash cow "Kate Plus 8." The stress of being ever camera-ready could create eating disorders.

The continued acrimony of the divorce could as well. Kate bizarrely hinted that husband Jon might even be a pedophilewith inappropriate intentions toward daughter Hannah Gosselin. With ideas like that banging around in her head, who knows what unhealthy choices Kate may be making?