Kailyn Lowry is nearly nine months pregnant with her third child from a third baby daddy. Already the mother to two boys, the star is hoping to give birth to her third child at any moment now. At the beginning of this month, she mused that she would love to have a baby who is born on the 4th of July so they could have a really cool birthday party every year, however the baby still didn't come.

Kailyn revealed that she has even been eating pineapple in order to induce labor so that the baby comes as soon as possible. It is clear from the "Teen Mom 2" star's tweets that she is definitely sick of being pregnant and is so ready for Baby Lo, the nickname for her third child, to come.

Her friends are ready, too

Kailyn Lowry doesn't have a close family at all and doesn't speak to either her mother or father. However, the star does have a close relationship with many of her friends and they are almost like family to her. Her close friend, Becky Hayter, has told her that she wants to be there for the birth of Baby Lo, as the father of the baby, Chris Lopez, will almost certainly not be there to welcome his child.

Becky Hayter recently tweeted that she was going out to dinner and she hoped by the time she was finished, she would hear news that Kailyn was in labor and ready to deliver her baby.

She has kept herself in the dark about the gender of the baby and has decorated its nursery in a gender neutral style.

She has already bought a lot of gender neutral outfits and onsies, though some fans think they have spotted girlier clothes in the pile.

She performed an Old Wives Tale by placing a ring on a string over her belly to see which way it moved, and found that she was, according to the tradition, carrying a girl.

Short on baby names

Kailyn Lowry may be ready to give birth physically, but the star has written on her Twitter that she doesn't have any baby names picked out yet. She has given fans a few name choices to vote on, but most of them didn't go down very well.

She stated she really liked surnames as first names, and hinted at naming a girl Murphy or a boy Nixon.

As her son is already named Lincoln, if she named another son Nixon, she would have a very odd mixture of presidential names in the house. She also spoke of liking the name Ripken for a boy or Karsyn for a girl, and fans weren't too impressed with the suggestions. Still, the wait will be over for the mother soon and she will have to name him or her possibly sooner than she thinks she will!