Has a french bulldog brought Kailyn Lowry and her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, back together? That's what a new report suggests.

Although the "Teen Mom 2" star hasn't said a thing about her third baby daddy in recent days, the Grace Report shared a video with fans on May 30 in which Grace claimed to have proof of the former couple's alleged reunion. As the outlet explained, Lowry recently welcomed a french bulldog puppy into her family and after a photo of the dog was shared on Instagram, Lopez seemingly mentioned the pup on his Twitter page.

Earlier this week, a breeding company shared a photo of Kailyn Lowry and the dog before the reality star took to her own Snapchat account to confirm the dog belonged to her -- and revealed his name was "Gotti." A short time later, Lopez tweeted a post which mentioned "Gotti" before quickly deleting the tweet from his page.

"Gotti goin be tuff," his now-deleted message read.

Is Kailyn Lowry taking on too much?

As the Grace Report revealed, Gotti is reportedly Lowry's fifth dog, which makes her household quite full. As "Teen Mom 2" fans well know, Lowry is currently pregnant with her third child and due to give birth in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, she's also mom to two boys, seven-year-old Isaac, whose father is Jo Rivera, and three-year-old Lincoln Marshall, whose dad is Lowry's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

The Grace report also pointed out that while Rivera and Marroquin continue to co-parent their sons with Kailyn Lowry, it is not clear whether or not Lopez will be involved in his chid's life. While Lopez would surely be involved if the couple is, in fact, back together, their relationship has been unstable up until this point and it's hard to say what the future holds.

Kailyn Lowry confirmed her baby news with fans in February

Following numerous rumors and a mysterious congratulatory message from her "Teen Mom 2" co-star, Jenelle Evans, Lowry confirmed she was expecting her third child in a blog post to fans. In her post, which came around the time she told fans on Twitter that she was single, Lowry confirmed that her situation was not ideal but noted that she was excited to welcome her third child this summer and said her sons were excited for their new sibling.

To see more of Kailyn Lowry and her family, including her two sons, Isaac and Lincoln, tune into the eighth season of "Teen Mom 2" when the series returns to MTV, likely later this year.