Kailyn Lowry is getting ready to give birth any day now and she's excited about becoming a mother again. Lowry has been sharing updates about her pregnancy via social media and fans of the "Teen Mom 2" star have been following along. Kailyn announced her pregnancy via her own website back in February and she revealed that she chose to get pregnant due to what her doctor had told her. Many were shocked because she had just divorced Javi Marroquin. Others were surprised, wondering who the father was.

For a long time, Lowry didn't say much about the father.

However, Kailyn later confirmed that the father was indeed a man named Chris Lopez. He hasn't been around much and Lowry has hinted that she is flying solo with this baby. According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she doesn't have a name picked out for the baby yet. It doesn't sound like Lopez is helping out, though.

Where is Chris?

Thus far, Chris Lopez is just a name. When Kailyn revealed that he was indeed the father, fans were curious about him. However, Lowry hasn't shared much about him or given information about who he is. She didn't say anything about him when she revealed that she is still struggling to find a name for her unborn baby.

Many "Teen Mom 2" fans have questioned Kailyn Lowry about Lopez.

They want to know if he will be around the baby once he or she is born. They also want to know if they are planning on starting a relationship. However, it sounds like Kailyn wants to do this by herself. There has also been no word on whether she got pregnant by accident or if he offered to get her pregnant given her circumstances.

Will Kailyn give birth by herself?

These days, fans are eagerly waiting for Kailyn to announce that she has given birth. Based on her tweets about her baby, it sounds like she may be giving birth without Lopez around. He could be in a sitaution where he simply doesn't care about the situation, especially if he hasn't been involved in the process.

In addition, Kailyn hasn't talked much about Chris Lopez. In fact, little is known about who he is, how they know each other, and if they knew each other when she was married to Javi Marroquin. Lowry has chosen not to discuss any of this, but it is possible that she will open up when "Teen Mom 2" returns to MTV this summer. She will be talking about the pregnancy, as revealed by MTV previews for the new season.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry struggling with a baby name? Are you surprised that she hasn't found a name yet?