"Grey's Anatomy" is a popular medical TV series which first began back in 2005. The series has been running ever since. The series follows the story of several of the medical staff on the show. Some of the actors have been in the series since its very first season.

The medical drama has received a massive cult following and as such a spin off series of the show has been confirmed. Actor Jaina Lee Ortiz has been confirmed as the lead in the new series. The spin off series was originally thought of by "Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes and is set to follow a group of firefighters.

There has been no official titled released for the series as of yet.

The series is to focus on firefighters

According to Deadline, the series is due to follow a group of firefighters. This opens up the possibility for a future cross over between the new spin off series and "Grey's Anatomy". The firefighters will be working in a firehouse in Seattle. Shonda Rhimes has received criticism for the spin offs release date as she is going for a midseason launch date. The spin off is described as a show which follows the brave firefighters, both men, and women, from the Seattle house.

The series is not going to solely focus on the firefighters in the firehouse but will also be following their personal lives.

The brave Men And Women will be facing several obstacles throughout the 10 episode season, including difficulties in their personal life. The characters of this new spin off series are due to be introduced in an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" before the series launches.

Shonda Rhimes talks casting

According to E!, Jaina Lee Ortiz has already signed on for the firefighter series.

Shonda Rhimes has confirmed the news and is incredibly excited to be working with the actor. It has not been officially confirmed that Jaina Lee Ortiz will be playing the main role in the series. However, she has been introduced as the series star. It is clear that she will be one of the main characters on the show, if not the most important of the group of firefighters.

Ortiz has had previous experience in the film industry. She recently finished working on the show "Rosewood" where she starred for two seasons. She also appeared in the new American TV series "Shooter" and has a role in the movie "Girls Trip".

There has been no further comment from Shonda Rhimes about the series. The title of the "Grey's Anatomy" spin off has not yet been released. Fans of the medical show can look forward to seeing the patients before they arrive at the hospital with this brand new spin off show.