Everyone was saddened after learning that Joan Lee, the wife of the famous Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee, has died at age of 93 on Thursday. In an official statement released by Lee's family, Joan passed away on Thursday morning quietly and peacefully.

It was believed that the British model suffered a stroke and was hospitalized the previous day before her health condition got worse. Amid the sad news, the entire family has asked everyone to give them enough time to grieve for their loss and to give them enough privacy at this difficult time.

To recall, Joan has tied the knot to her husband Stan back in 1947.

The couple has been blessed with two great children, Joan Celia and Jon, who also died three days after her birth in 1953. In the entire era of Stan's career in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Joan has been Stan's source of strength and inspiration in the success of his craft.

Novel author

Apart from her title as a British hat model, Joan was also known being a good writer and an author of novels. She once penned a novel entitled "The Pleasure Palace" back in 1987. The novel centers a man who has the mission to create the world's most luxurious ocean liner while at the same time, balancing his life with his three partners, as per Variety report.

Prior to her marriage to Stan, Joan has been married to her former husband who was an American soldier during the World War II.

Both had shared an unhappy relationship and had decided to get a divorce following her stay in Nevada for six weeks. Later on, Joan has married Stan in a single room and the couple has returned to New York where her husband worked as a creator of the comics.

Joan as an inspiration

Amid his journey in the Marvel Comics, Stan has made his wife his prime inspiration in everything he does.

He further cited Joan as his source of inspiration when he made the “Fantastic Four” projects which he co-created back in 1961. After few years, the couple decided to move to California in order for Stan to enhance his film works.

Meanwhile, both had decided to work hand in hand. It all started when Joan also did the voice for the "Fantastic Four" as Miss Forbes.

She further did the voice behind "Spider-Man" as the famous Madam Webb in the movie. Further, she also got her role in the "X-Men: Apocalypse" back in 2016.

Without a doubt, the couple has shared the same passion for their crafts in movie and comics. Both had been married for 69 long years and has treated each other as best of friends.