From its popular museums, night life scene with concerts, and divers restaurants, where foodies mingle and the food truck mania is spreading like fire, Los Angeles is known as the home of entertainment. But many in Los Angeles also know it as the place where the fans are a loyal bunch and committed to their fandom groups and show it all off at comic conventions. And believe me, in L.A. the fandom is a strong force that's not to be messed with... just ask the writers of the show "The 100," after they killed off a beloved character.

San Francisco is Dead-On as they host the Walker Stalker Con for the zombie and "The Walking Dead" fans (April 15-April 16, 2017), while the Long Beach Comic Con takes place at the Long Beach Convention Center (September 2-September 3, 2017) and San Diego hosts its annual and ever-so-popular Comic Con Convention (July 20-July 23, 2017).

Comic Con is the place to be, where fans and enthusiasts gather and take part with their favorite cosplay outfits, and have a chance to rub shoulders with their favorite celebrities. Los Angeles isn't far behind as it hosts its own annual Wonder Con in Anaheim (March 31-April 2, 2017), and Stan Lee's Comikaze at the end of October at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Comic Book Guru, Stan Lee

For those who missed out the big announcement last year by comic book guru and Legend himself, Mr. Stan Lee had the pleasure of announcing to the world that his own convention, Comikaze is now officially: Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con (October 27-October 29, 2017). That's right; L.A. is now home to its very own Comic Con.

As noted on the YouTube video posted by Wochit Entertainment, The City of Los Angeles has acknowledged October 28 as Stan Lee day.

The first Los Angeles Comic Con was Sunday, October 30, 2016 and the Los Angeles Convention Center was filled with many cosplayers parading its halls, with booths lined up with merchandise and collectibles from vendors.

Though it wasn't as hectic as San Diego's Comic Con, that may be a good thing for us Angelinos and visiting participants.

Is Los Angeles ready to host a big event like Comic Con?

An advantage is that fans won't have to travel far or book overpriced hotel rooms. That is of course, if one is bale to acquire tickets. That's right, you first need to sign up and register to obtain a member badge.

Then, at the selected day and time, a small virtual window is opened where you're put into a waiting room and wait for your turn to be able to purchase a selected amount of tickets. However, in the past for the San Diego Comic Con, tickets sell out within seconds.... that's right, tickets sell out within seconds. But for the lucky ones who do get tickets, there's the issue of finding an affordable hotel near the convention to avoid the hassle of finding parking.

Los Angeles is very well prepared and used to the traffic. If L.A. Comic Con can grow to what San Diego's is, then it could bring in more revenue for surrounding hotels, parking structures, and restaurants...especially to the local food vendors and those delicious hot dog carts that are always grilling up some goodness in front of the Convention Center and Staples.