Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have been married for several months now, and if she is pregnant then she hasn't shared the news with fans. Now, this is causing a lot of speculation that she could be using Birth Control to prevent pregnancy. Jinger is doing a lot of things her own way, so it wouldn't be shocking if she decided to use birth control. Jinger has made it pretty clear that she is doing things her own way by the fact that she is wearing pants all the time and following her own rules. If Jinger was using birth control, she probably won't ever admit it to anyone, though.

She will just end up taking a while to get pregnant so fans will assume she used birth control.

Why don't the Duggars use birth control?

The Duggars believe in the Quiverfull movement, which means that women are put on the earth to procreate. They believe that women are meant to have babies and that they shouldn't prevent it at all by using birth control. This is part of why Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have so many children. It is pretty obvious that Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald aren't using birth control at all. Anna and Josh Duggar also have their fifth child on the way.

Her sister Joy-Anna recently said that she has plans to have children with her new husband Austin Forsyth and they want as many as God wants them to have, which sounds like they won't be using birth control at all.

They just got married and if there is a baby on the way yet, then she hasn't shared the news with the fans. It wouldn't be surprising at all if Joy-Anna ends up announcing a pregnancy before Jinger does at this point. Jinger has made it clear that babies are in her future, just not how near in the future it will end up being for her.

Could Jinger Duggar Vuolo be pregnant?

Jinger Duggar Vuolo has been married for eight months now. This means that if got pregnant right away she would already have been showing. Jinger has been posting pictures of herself and it really shows that there isn't' a baby on the way. She is looking great in pants and shorts. It is possible that Jinger is pregnant and just hasn't told her fans yet though.

If she is, then she will make the announcement when she is ready.

Do you think that Jinger Duggar Vuolo is using birth control? Do you feel like she is doing everything her own way instead of the way Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar wanted her to growing up? Sound off in comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when they air on Monday nights on TLC.