A "Game of Thrones" theory recently emerged suggests that Jon Snow will engage himself in the Last Hero's journey. Analyzing the season 7 trailers, Lauren Sarner noted on Inverse that Jon's expedition in the deep north will probably match the legendary figure's one.

The Last Hero and his companions

According to the legends, the Last Hero fought the others during the Long Night. Many fans think the Last Hero and Azor Ahai are the same people, but we can't be sure about it.

During the Long Night, this legendary figure went in search of the Children of the Forest in the hope that they could help the humankind in the battle against the White Walkers.

His 12 companions died, killed by giants and White Walkers. His horse and his dog died as well, but the hero eventually survived and got in contact with the Children.

According to the stories, after the Last Hero's journey, the humans won the Battle of the Dawn forcing the others to withdraw.

Old Nan's version of the story

In "A Game of Thrones" Old Nan tells the Last Hero's story to Bran. The servant woman (who, by the way, is Hodor's great-grandmother) after depicting the Long Night's atrocities (how the White Walkers were butchering men and women and feeding their dead servants on the flesh of human children), tells the young Stark of a hero who decided to search for the Children of the Forest, with the hope that they can help the humans against the others.

The Last Hero traveled "the dead lands with a sword, a horse, a dog, and a dozen companions." After years of searches, "one by one his friends died," Old Nan told Bran, "and his horse, and finally even his dog [...] and the others smelled the hot blood in him and it became silent on his trail."

Nonetheless, according to an account found by Samwell Tarly, the Last Hero eventually survived to kill "White Walkers with a blade of dragon steel".

Jon's expedition matches the one in the tale

We collected a few interesting pictures from the season 7 trailers in our photo gallery. You can enter it by clicking on the camera icon at the top of the article.

In the season 7 trailers, we can see Jon's expedition in the deep north. If you look closely at the first picture of the gallery you may notice that there are 12 men in the snow.

12 men in a desperate circumstance. Are they going to die like the Last Hero's companions? The second picture depicts Jon's expedition from a larger distance. In the third photo, you can see Jon riding alone, probably to escape from a danger.

Bad news about Ghost?

The legend of the Last Hero says that even his dog died during his journey. Could that mean that our favorite dire wolf is going to die? We really hope not, but Ghost's death would match what is narrated by Nan.

Many fans think that Jon is Azor Ahai's reincarnation. If the Last Hero and Azor Ahai are the same figures, this theory nicely supports the idea of Jon being "The Prince That Was Promised". On the other hand, if Jon is really going to engage himself in the Last Hero/Azor Ahai's journey, Ghost and several northern characters may die.