Jenelle Evans went to court last Wednesday to see if the judge would finally let her bring her first-born son home. Evans had been fighting for her son for years, but her mother Barbara refused to give him up. Barbara didn't want her grandson to hate her for letting him live in a home where fighting supposedly takes place. Evans has revealed that David Eason makes her happy and she has no reason to fight with him.

On Wednesday, the judge ruled that Jace would be living with Barbara, but Jace needs to see his mother. In other words, Jenelle gets to spend more time with Jace as her mother can't keep him away from her.

But as for the living situation, Evans will have to wait. Jace is required to live with Barbara. Since the ruling, Evans has been missing from social media. On Wednesday, fans were waiting on social media to hear what the judge had said, but Jenelle never confirmed the news on Twitter.

Jenelle was giving pregnancy advice the day before court

The day before her court date, Jenelle Evans seemed happy and excited. She was scared and worried about the outcome, but she was happily giving pregnancy advice to her followers, who were dealing with morning sickness.

Of course, Jenelle was pregnant with Ensley just a few months ago.

She gave birth earlier this year, so she has proven herself to be a good mother. She also has primary custody of Kaiser, as he lives with her. He is allowed to see his father, Nathan Griffith, but Evans claims that Nathan rarely makes time for him. While they do want to find a system that works, it sounds like it is rough to find a system that works for both of them.

How 'Teen Mom 2' star may be coping with devastating court ruling

One can imagine that the ruling for the judge is completely devastating to her. She had truly hoped that she would get to bring home her son. Instead, she could be dealing with the result these days. Rumors say that she's been filming "Teen Mom 2" while going to court and learning about the outcome.

She may be coping these days by keeping a low profile at home, spending time with Jace, and perhaps arguing with her mother for not giving Jace back to her.

Even though the judge is the one who made the decision about Jace, Jenelle has every reason to be upset with her mother over how things have unfolded.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' lack of Twitter activity? Do you think she's completely devastated after learning that she will not be bringing Jace home?