Despite the fact that James Cameron got his hands filled with the four “Avatar” sequels already, the critically acclaimed “Titanic” director is still interested in making new “Terminator” movies.

Hasta la vista for now, 'Avatar' sequels

During his interview with, James Cameron stated that he is in the talks of getting the movie rights to the science-fiction film's franchise and is planning to helm the production of a new trilogy. Even though the franchise has been to the hands of different owners for decades, Cameron still believes that a portion of it could return to him in 2019 according to U.S.

copyright law.

Cameron also stated that in his new trilogy, he plans to introduce new characters. This led some fans to raise the question whether Sarah and John Connor would still make an appearance in the upcoming films.

The director asked a rhetorical question regarding the films’ relevance to the current state of our world, particularly regarding the science fiction contents of the first two movies. He explained that we are currently living in a time in which the technological advancements are part of our society such as predator drones, surveillance, streams of data, and artificial intelligence.

Cameron stated that he is in discussions with the current owner of the global rights for the "Terminator" Franchise David Ellison.

Cameron said that he is currently working on the things between them since the US copyright law would eventually give him back the rights to the Film franchise after a year and a half. And right now, the plan is to reinvent the franchise and start over by making a three-film arc. They plan to announce the further details after they settle the remaining obstacles on the early stages.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return

James Cameron already confirmed that the Australian-American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be involved in some ways in the new trilogy. However, the director’s plan is most likely to focus on the new characters he wants to introduce. Schwarzenegger appeared in Cameron’s first “Terminator” film back in 1984 and subsequently reprised his role in the later installments of the franchise.

The first two "Terminator" movies are considered by many as some of the best Science Fiction Films of all time. However, the same can’t be said for the subsequent sequels we’ve received these past few years especially the most recent one, "Terminator Genisys" (2015). Let’s hope that James Cameron’s return rekindles the hope for the franchise.