Abby Lee Miller has some words of advice for her former "Dance Moms" student and co-star, Maddie Ziegler, who is now enjoying her ongoing success as Sia's trainee. Before the dance instructor entered the prison to serve her 366-day sentence, the 50-year-old star sat down for an interview where she discussed several things that bother her.

Miller slams former 'Dance Moms' student

The TV personality started by expressing her worries concerning her health and lifestyle while inside the prison. She specifically mentioned her vegan diet and fear that she might not be able to maintain this routine behind the bars.

"I'm gonna go away for a long time and they're gonna have whatever they have, and that's what I have to eat," Miller said as per E! News.

The former "Dance Moms" host went on to confess her disappointment on Ziegler for allegedly failing to remember where she comes from in the wake of her success. Miller added that she is "sad" to see how the 14-year-old dancer has forgotten her former instructor after earning immense popularity in the industry.

Miller even slammed Ziegler for failing to include her "Dance Moms" instructor in her memoir, titled "The Maddie Diaries." The convicted Lifetime star said that the teen dancer would not be successful right now if not for her help. "I didn’t make her, her mom and dad created her, but I certainly added my two cents in," she added.

She also asked her former student to never forget where she started and the times they spent together on the Lifetime show. But despite her disappointment with Ziegler, Miller is still proud of what her former student has achieved after her five-year residence in "Dance Moms" where she grew into a fine dancer. Miller would even ask her friends to support Ziegler in her projects and promotional activities.

Life after 'Dance Moms' departure

The professional dance instructor is currently serving her sentence at the FCI Victorville in California after she was proven guilty of bankruptcy fraud in May. Miller formally turned herself in on July 12, two weeks after her original surrender date.

Miller was allowed to delay her surrender date due to her health condition.

Her request to serve in California was also granted. When asked about her prison sentence, the "Dance Moms" star has previously admitted that she is "petrified" of what awaits her.

Although she has a lot of things going on in her head, the dance instructor is still hopeful that she can finish her sentence and survive this nightmare.