Jenelle Evans is currently making headlines for an insensitive tweet about an actress committing suicide, but there is another rumor brewing underneath the surface. As it turns out, people are starting to search the internet for proof that Jenelle is pregnant with another baby. The rumor started on Twitter, as one person guessed that the "Teen Mom 2" star is carrying another baby, as she's not showing off her stomach as much.

According to her tweets, there is no evidence that Jenelle Evans is carrying another baby. She hasn't revealed anything on social media or given any indication that she's carrying a baby.

However, it is possible that Evans is pregnant in biological terms, as her body could be ovulating again. It has been about five months since she gave birth to her daughter Ensley.

Jenelle is hiding her tummy on social media

The rumor that Jenelle Evans surfaced on Twitter after some of her followers noticed that she had been covering up her stomach. When she was pregnant with Ensley, it was revealed through a police report that she was pregnant. She had been in a car accident and the report revealed she was about 10 weeks along, as fans saw on "Teen Mom 2." Back then, she was covering up her stomach to avoid people seeing her baby bump.

Now, people are noticing that she's covering up her stomach once again.

One person on Twitter gathered a couple of photos taken over the past couple of months, and Jenelle is always wearing loosely-fitted clothing. Of course, this could be because she just gave birth in January and her body is trying to bounce back

Could she be pregnant again?

There is always the chance that Jenelle Evans is pregnant again.

Her body has probably recovered from the birth and people can get pregnant just weeks after giving birth. However, Jenelle has already revealed that she may be done having children. After losing Jace to her mother, being stuck in a custody battle over Kaiser with Nathan Griffith, and now raising her first girl, Jenelle may not want anymore on her plate.

This could be it for Evans.

Jenelle has yet to speak out on these rumors and it is possible she won't offer any new information. Fans will have to tune in to "Teen Mom 2" to see if she is truly done having children. As for fans on social media, they will keep on guessing that she's pregnant.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans possibly being pregnant again? Do you think she would have a fourth child so quickly after the third?