TV Source Magazine has given spoilers alerts for "General Hospital" for the week of July 3rd through the 7th. A number of Port Charles residents will deal with troubling issues, including Sam, Josslyn, Olivia, and Jordan.

Jordan and Josslyn's actions come back to haunt them

According to spoilers, Jordan and Curtis will reconcile but a health crisis will cause Jordan to make some sort of sacrifice. The spoiler alert does not say if Jordan herself will become ill or someone she loves will become sick. Ms. Ashford has been dealing with a lot lately since Aunt Stella came to Port Charles for a visit.

All of Jordan's dirty laundry was hung out to dry. Aunt Stella found out that Jordan cheated on her nephew, Thomas and her son T.J. is not his biological child. To add insult to injury, Jordan is now hot and heavy with her former brother-in-law, Curtis. Could it be that all of this drama causes Aunt Stella to be the one who will have the medical crisis? Jordan, the woman she hates, may have to save her. Aunt Stella may even have to stay in Port Charles to recuperate.

Josslyn has been acting out ever since Sonny had Jax banned to Australia. Joss told her mother she hates Sonny and will never consider him part of her family again. On Thursday, the teen announced she wanted to go to Australia and live with her father permanently.

Spoilers indicate that Carly will issue her daughter an ultimatum and Joss will not get the news she is hoping for. It could be that Carly tells the teen she has no choice in regards to Sonny being in her life, and Jax may say no to her request to live with him.

Sam and Olivia's next week in Port Charles

Sam has been having mood swings, lashing out in regards to Sonny, and experiencing hallucinations.

Earlier spoiler alerts indicated that her problems are coming from a brain tumor and that eventually, Mrs. Morgan will shoot Mr. Corinthos. TVSource states that Jason will see to it that his wife obtains medical help but she may not be totally honest about the extent of her suffering.

Olivia and Ned will be busy preparing for their bachelor and bachelorette parties this week.

TVSource says Ned has an important question for Dillon. More than likely he wants his younger brother to be his best man. The spoilers indicate Olivia will have a wild bachelorette party and misread a situation. There probably will be a lot of drinking, but there is no indication as to what it is Olivia misinterprets.