Audrey and Jeremy Roloff of "Little People, Big World" just had the best Baby shower. Tori just had her little boy Jackson, and Audrey is about to have her little girl. They are now about two months from their little girl arriving. The shower happened on July 1.

What happened at Audrey and Jeremy's big baby shower?

Audrey Roloff shared pictures of the shower, and she was seen wearing a long white dress with her gorgeous red hair down. The shower was a pink floral theme, which does seem like a perfect fit for Audrey Roloff. It looked like a gorgeous day.

Audrey's sister actually wrote a rap song for the baby shower, and you could see that the new baby Roloff got a ton of gifts. Audrey seemed to be enjoying her sister's performance.

Tori Roloff was at the party along with her son Jackson. He had on a cute little button down shirt along with a red bow tie. Of course, since Audrey's little girl isn't here yet, Jackson was probably the star of the party. Tori captioned the photo of her son, "Today we got to celebrate Cousin Roloff! We can't wait to meet you baby girl!" These two cousins are going to be really close to the same age, which will make things nice for them.

What are Audrey and Jeremy up to now?

Audrey and Jeremy just moved back to Portland to live closer to their family before the little girl gets here.

They bought their first home and are just getting used to being back around the family. They aren't living on the Roloff farm, but they are not very far away from the rest of the family. This seems like it was the best thing for them to do with a baby on the way. Jeremy and Audrey tried to get all of the remodeling done before their daughter gets here, but fans are going to have to wait to see if they got it finished or not.

Audrey shared on several pictures on her Instagram page today that were from her maternity photo shoot. She talked about how she prays over her baby and wanted other moms to share the scriptures that they pray over their children. She also talked about her great love story with Jeremy and how he calls her "Daisy Braids." These two seem really happy together.

Are you excited to see Audrey and Jeremy Roloff's little girl? Do you think the fact that they moved back to Portland was a good decision? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" on TLC. When the show returns, this is when everyone should get to see Audrey and Jeremy's little girl.