A terrible crime has been committed on ABC's "General Hospital" this week. Spencer Cassadine has been kidnapped by someone and his life could be in danger. A brand new preview was just released showing everyone in Port Charles desperately trying to find him before something bad happens. Who would go to an extreme measure to possibly harm a young child?

Who is the kidnapper?

The prime suspect is, of course, Valentin Cassadine. The scenes leading up to the kidnapping suggested that he would be taking control of the situation concerning Spencer's revenge against him.

Once the boy told Charlotte that her papa killed his father, Valentin was quite angry and told Laura Spencer that he would do whatever was necessary to keep Spencer from gaining his assets. Now, according to the clip that "General Hospital" posted on social media, Laura is frantic to find her grandson. She is likely going to accuse Valentin of the crime.

The whole thing goes down this week and it looks like Jason Morgan gets involved in this as well. Maybe, uncle Sonny calls Jason on Valentin. The former hitman grabs him and takes him somewhere to get him to confess to the kidnapping and to tell him where Spencer is.

Jason is seen throwing a bucket of water on his face, but it doesn't look like Valentin is about to confess anything at all.

Spencer is also shown in the basement of a building looking confused and frightened. Later, Dante will show up at that same place, but the boy will be long gone, except for his broken glasses. That suggests that someone may have taken him by force.

Is this proof that Nikolas is alive?

"General Hospital" fans are hoping that this is all just a set up by his father who is still alive and out to protect and reunite with his son. However, Nik is not supposed to be returning anytime soon, so that scenario may have to wait. One thing is for sure, the most likely suspect is probably not the one who actually took Spencer Cassadine.

It is doubtful that Valentin would hurt a child, considering that he has a daughter of his own. He is angry that Spencer opened his mouth and told Charlotte about Nik, but would he really kidnap him?

Will Spencer be found before his character goes off screen until next year? Surely "General Hospital" wouldn't let his kidnapping go unsolved for that long, would they? Poor Laura is beside herself with worry over her grandson's disappearance. She has taken responsibility for raising him since his father was killed.

She is really the best person for the job as she makes him take responsibility for his actions, but she also gives him unconditional love. Now she has not only lost her son but may have lost her grandson as well. But has she really?

Stay tuned to see what will happen to Spencer this week on "General Hospital." Sound off your thoughts on who you think really abducted him.