"Star Trek" stars and crew arrived last Saturday at Comic-Con in San Diego to tell us a little hint of what to expect from the show. The show's cast, Jason Isaacs, Sonequa Martin-Green, James Frain, Shazad Latif, Doug Jones Shazad Latif, along with show's executive producers Aaron Harberts, Alex Kurtzman, Heather Kadin and Mary Wiseman gave their fans a first look at the new "Star Trek" franchise. The show is scheduled to be released on September 24 on the digital CBS All Access.

Story details revealed

Rainn Wilson who plays the role of Harry Mudd in the new series moderated the panel discussion.

One of the questions asked during the press con was "how Star Trek: Discovery is different from the Original." Alex Kurtzman responded to the question and said that "Discovery" was greatly inspired by the Original Series. "It's a little bit larger and bolder than the original," Kurtzman added.

Martin-Green's portrayal of First Officer Michael Burnham revealed a hint of how her character would be in the show. She talked about her seven years of working relationship with the character of Captain Philippa Georgiou, who will be played by Michelle Yeoh. According to Green, Michael and Philippa's characters are very close. "I finished studying at the Vulcan Science Academy and went straight to the Shenzhou where Captain Philippa took me under her wing," she said.

James Frain talked also his character during the Comic-Con. Frain will be playing "Sarek," who is a classic character in the Original. “It’s a story of who Sarek was when he was younger," he said.

'Star Trek' continues to embrace diversity

According to Indie Wire, the CBS' Star Trek series continues to promote a message that reflects the Original series' essential values.

As what is the original always push, the new show is committed to depicting the universe as a "varied and wide place."

During the Comic-Con, star Sonequa Martin-Green said that if you love the original "Star Trek" then you should know what it is promoting for, otherwise you have missed the whole point." She added also that the show has always been a picture of the Diversity and equality.

Executive producer Akiva Goldsman also said that show is about empathy. It is about accepting other people despite differences and finding common ground. Over the course of the press con, the stars and producers emphasize that their goal is beyond promoting diversity. They are also committed to the other fundamental values that "Star Trek" was originally founded upon.