The news of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Divorce shocked the world when they made the announcement back in 2016. The couple was often referred to as the strongest couple in Hollywood. However, it appears there was a different story going on behind doors. Their relationship hit a sour point and it seemed that it was the point of no return for their marriage. Angelina Jolie has remained silent for the most part about the divorce between the pair. However, she recently revealed the impact that the divorce had on her at the time and stated that her health was very poor when it all happened.

Jolie finally opens up about the divorce

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Angelina Jolie finally opened up about her divorce with Brad Pitt. She stated that last year things began to become difficult between the pair. The star stated that it began around the time that she was filming for the movie "First They Killed My Father". Jolie stated that it was not the pair's lifestyle as actors or parents that led to the downfall of their marriage. The couple share six children and Jolie dismissed the interviewers claims that Pitt wanted to involve their children in the life of showbiz.

According to CNN, there were moments throughout the interview where Jolie became cryptic with her answers. When asked about the communication between the pair during their difficult marriage she glazed over the question.

It is clear that there were some subjects still too raw and personal for the actor to go into in detail. Jolie handled the questions about her former partner with a great respect and intelligence. It was not her intention to bad mouth Brad Pitt in any way but rather open up about the experience she went through.

The actor has had some health issues from the divorce

According to the Independent, Jolie readily revealed that she was suffering from some health issues during the time of the divorce. The star stated that she developed hypertension and Bell's palsy which causes a weakness in the individual's muscles. Angelina said that women often tend to put themselves last in the family.

It is evident that she was trying to keep the family afloat during the difficult time. The divorce was extremely difficult for Brad and Angelina's children and the mother wanted to make sure that they understood they were still deeply loved by both of their parents.

As for now, Angelina Jolie stated that the family is focusing on their health. They are all still dealing with the fall out from the divorce which has not yet been finalized.