Seth Rogen is an internationally recognized actor. His latest film project is a new sci-fi comedy series called "Future Man." Rogen takes on the roles of both director and producer of the show. He announced the upcoming series at the San Diego Comic Con by showing a hilarious trailer. Josh Hutcherson has been confirmed as the main protagonist in the series. He stars as a janitor who must travel through time to save the world. The series will be airing on Hulu come November 4.

The series announced in true Rogen style

A trailer for the series was released by Seth Rogen at the San Diego Comic Con.

While the trailer did not include any footage from the show itself, it did show a hilarious mock casting call. Both Seth Rogen and Josh Hutcherson star in the mini video about the series where director and producer Rogen is seen making some executive decisions about "Future Man."

Rogen addresses the cameras head on as he explains that he and his team have been working on their new show "Future Man." The beginning of the trailer shows Rogen deciding between two possums and hilarious chooses the one to his right stating that the other animal does not look like he's having a good day. Rogen then suddenly comes across Josh Hutcherson and introduces him as the star of the show. Hutcherson and Rogen banter between themselves as Hutcherson states he was told to wait there by the director.

Rogen then comedically introduces that they will be working with real life lasers on the show. This is immediately questioned by Hutcherson who states the decision is extremely dangerous. Rogen then accidentally shoots off Hutcherson's arm with the laser, and the scene around them descends into chaos.

A janitor is recruited for a special mission

In Seth Rogen's new TV series "Future Man" actor Josh Hutcherson stars as character Josh Futurman. Hutcherson's character is described as a working janitor who is into gaming during the night. Josh is approached by mysterious visitors to Earth who give him an incredibly important mission.

The janitor is told that he must travel through time to prevent the extinction of humanity. Seth Rogen's protagonist must prepare for the adventure of a lifetime as he sets out to save the world.

Other casts include Eliza Coupe, Derek Wilson, and Ed Begley Jr. Ben Karlin is the official show runner of "Future Man" while Rogen and Goldberg both produce the series. "Future Man" will be available on the Hulu platform this year on November 4th.