Seth Mcfarlane is best known for his voice actor work with the hit TV series "Family Guy." However, over the past few years, McFarlane has been making his way through other film projects. His latest series, "The Orville" was announced at Comic Con in San Diego. The series is a spoof of the famous series "Star Trek," which has a huge cult following. McFarlane has been waiting for years to get involved in this project and could not be more excited.

McFarlane is Captain Ed Mercer

The trailer for "The Orville" was revealed at San Diego Comic Con. It showed comedian and actor Seth McFarlane as the leader of a group who flies the space ship known as the U.S.S Orville.

McFarlane is to take on the role of the captain of this space ship as character Captain Ed Mercer. His role as Mercer is meant to be a spoof of famous "Star Trek" captain James T. Kirk.

According to The Verge, McFarlane will be playing a somewhat questionable leader of his crew. His witty remarks and asides add to the comedic element of the series. The trailer gives examples of the kind of leader Captain Ed Mercer is. He is seen asking for crew members help in opening a door and then states that he helped loosen it for her.

The cast of the new spoof series

"The Orville" has already been issued 13 episodes for its first season which gives plenty of room for guest stars to appear. Seth McFarlane will be a series regular as character Captain Ed Mercer.

Joining the crew are Gordon Malloy, played by Scott Grimes, and John LaMarr, played by actor J. Lee. Some of the characters of the series are completely covered in makeup as they are not human. There are many alien characters which were revealed in the trailer including Halston Sage's character Alara Kitan.

Other actors who will be involved in the new comedy series are Penny Johnson Jerald, Adrianne Palicki, and Peter Mason.

These actors are highly talented and are known for their roles in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," "John Wick" and "Shameless." According to SR, these actors are to take on the roles of Dr. Claire Finn, Kelly Grayson and a character one can assume is an alien named Bortus.

There will also be a guest appearance of a well-known voice actor.

Norm MacDonald will be featuring in the series for at least three episodes. He will be taking on the character of Yaphit who is described as an easy going alien blob.

The first season of "The Orville" will have 13 episodes in total. The series is set to premiere in a few months on September 10 on FOX.