Tarek El Moussa has opened up about his life being a father to his children. On his recent post online, El Moussa has deeply shared how much he cared and loved his children. Entertainment Tonight has learned that this has been the first time for the "Flip or Flop" star to open about his experience with fatherhood.

On his Instagram post on Thursday, Tarek has shared his deep appreciation to his children. He revealed that he has always hoped to be the kind of father that his children will look up to when they grow old. To recall, Tarek shares his two kids, Taylor and Brayden, with her former wife, Christina El Moussa.

'Being a dad is not easy'

On his post online, Tarek was emotional when he mentioned about his fatherhood. He shared that being a dad to his children is never an easy task. For him, it would take a lot of love, hard work, and patience in order to make his children understand everything that has happened today.

Further, Tarek also added that he will always do his best to be the role model to his children. Amid his split from Christina, it seemed that the "Flip or Flop" star has been doing his responsibility well being a father.

As he continued his post, Tarek revealed that being the best dad to his children will be the main goal of his life. Apart from being a father, he also wanted to be their best friend and life mentor as they grow up.

As Tarek ended his post, the actor has shared how much his kids mean to him and how much he loves Taylor and Brayden.

Best feeling in the world

Thousands of his followers from Instagram have already noticed how loving Tarek has been to his children. Apparently, his emotional post recently has no longer surprised some of his followers since he has always been open about his kids' life online.

In one of his latest post online, Tarek posted a photo of him together with Taylor and Brayden and all of them appeared to be in all smiles. On the caption he wrote, "Being a father to these two amazing kids is the best feeling in the world."

He also shared that he felt very lucky to have spent his time with his children and to have taken amazing photos together.

Without a doubt, the "Flip or Flop" icon has tried to live his life being the best dad to his little ones. Further, it seemed that Tarek will do everything in order to create lots of memories with them.

Early this June, Tarek and his children were also spotted taking a short vacation and some of their wonderful photos were also shared on his Instagram page.