The countdown starts in the next chapter of "The Flash" Season 3. Named "Infantino Street," next week's installment will see the appearance of Captain Cold (W. Miller). According to the official plot, only one day is left until Iris (C. Patton) is killed by Savitar (A. Tricoteux). Although his freshest mission is confirmed to be very hard, Barry (G. Gustin) chooses to use any means necessary to protect the love of his life. Barry later realizes he only has one choice left to save Iris, so he solicits advice from Captain Cold.

Plot and highlights episode 21

The last episode of "The Flash" Season3 saw the group try a mind wipe on Barry Allen to get Savitar out of the mix. It was a project that failed. With Team Flash working to fix Barry, Tracey Brand (A. Dudek) and H.R. (T. Cavanagh) continued to work on the defense called "Super Bazooka" which required something special to operate. At the beginning, the idea of clearing out Barry’s memory appeared to make sense, only they didn't analyze the impact it produced on the metahumans. While it did get Savitar out of the view, the progress also took away the rules of Wally West (K. Lonsdale). Caitlyn Snow (D. Panabaker) was also changed though it was later reported that she still had some superpower left.

The synopsis published on Cartermatt states: “With only a few hours dropped until Savitar kills Iris, Barry tries to protect the woman he loves and makes the decision to use any means required to do so. Recognizing he has one choice left to save her, The Flash returns to Captain Cold for help.”

Episode 22 spoilers and trailer

According to the official spoilers of "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 22, there only one day left until Savitar murders Iris.

Barry must discover a way to end Savitar but the Speedster proceeds to struggle to protect her. He has no choice left in front of him and at the end, he joins Captain Cold. "There are only four commands you need to memorize. Make the project, complete the project, expect the projects to go off the tracks, and throw away the project," Captain Cold states in the promo.

In the meantime, Andrew Kreisberg, producer of this TV series, told EW about the effects of the players after Savitar came out of his suit in the last season of "The Flash". "Watching Jesse Martin and Candice Patton - watching all of their feelings and reactions with Savitar when he is out of the series, it feels so new and interesting for us." Episode 22 of "The Flash" Season 3 will air on Tuesday, May 16 at 8.00 p.m. EST on The CW.