The Ottos are considered to be a breed of the most unlikable characters in "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 3. However, one Otto seems to be better than the rest - specifically Jake Otto. However, with how things are going in the series, spoilers reveal that Jake might be the next casualty in future episodes. In previous episodes, Jake seemed to be the equalizer among the group, dubbed to be the moral compass of their family. Jake's father and brother are embracing their evilness to the core, and if Jake will really be written off the series in the upcoming episodes, fans can expect all hell to break loose from the Ottos.

Apart from Jake's uncanny kindness, his romance with Alicia is also taken into consideration in "Fear The Walking Dead." Alicia has been beginning to get her hopes up that the world can still be a better place, but all her hopes and dreams will definitely crumble down if Jake becomes the next casualty.

Times of crisis

Meanwhile, Nick and Alicia are on the edge as they worry about the safety of their mother who has volunteered herself to be part of Troy's entourage. Madison's decision to join Troy's army is quite puzzling since she almost plucked out the latter's eyes in previous episodes.

However, "Fear The Walking Dead" Season 3, Episode 2 revealed that Madison was trying the technique of being close to the enemy to know their next moves.

Her motherly and protective instincts won over her as she successfully got the approval of Troy's army when she proved her worth in the battlefield.

Leaving the ranch

The atmosphere in "Fear The Walking Dead" is more chaotic than usual, as people try to leave the ranch in panic. Madison and Jeremiah try to pacify the panic and fear that the community is experiencing by quietly regrouping the community.

Jeremiah's world is crumbling down before his very eyes, as he sees the founding fathers dying out. In the previous "Fear The Walking Dead" episodes, Russell killed himself when he realized that his wife has died in her sleep. The tragic death of the elderly couple became a near-tragedy for the whole community as Russell knocked off a lamp when he fell to his death and caused a fire.

Further, Phil, one of the founding fathers, was fed to the crows by Walker. There is only one founding father left, but much to Jeremiah's dismay, he wants to leave the ranch. Jeremiah has roughly two choices on who will continue his legacy - Troy or Jake. It's basically a good vs. evil kind of option, but with the rate that things are going in "Fear The Walking Dead," anything can really happen.