The title of "Fear the Walking Dead" season 3 episode 5, "Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame," pretty much hinted at the big contradictions happening in the series. Before anything else, it's good to note that this was also the title of the book that Jake Otto gave to Alicia, as an unconventional gift after their steamy, intimate moments. Before proceeding to read the rest of the article, be warned that there will be major "Fear The Walking Dead" spoilers ahead.

The latest episode of AMC's apocalyptic series tried to infuse poetry and art in its dark and morbid theme.

At the beginning of the episode, Luciana told Mark that there was beauty in the death of an elderly couple. This statement then became a reality, as the colony awakened deep in the night with a fire started by Russ Brown.

The sad ending of Russ Brown and his wife Martha all began when the former realized that his wife died in her sleep and became a walker. In an emotionally twisted and heart-wrenching scene, Russ tried to embrace his wife-turned-walker for one last dance, before blowing their brains out with a gun. While their death and suffering may have ended there, it served as the beginning of chaos for the colony as a fire started when they hit a lamp that spread all over the house.

Sad but beautiful

Amid the chaos of the fire, Luciana was still able to blurt out that the death of Russ and Martha was sad but beautiful. She then elaborated that she felt that way because the elderly couple was together until the very end.

Meanwhile, Madison struggled to embark on her own journey, as she tried to put on a brave face for Nick and Alicia.

The two were trying to discourage her from getting too close to Troy, the man whose eye she nearly plucked out in the previous episodes.

However, Madison stood by her decision to join Troy's mission in an effort to find out what happened to their missing envoy. Also, Madison tried to convince her children that she needs to be close to Troy and get to know his future plans because the more information she gets, the safer they are.

Madison proves her worth

As Madison, Troy and the rest of the militiamen went on their mission, they faced some walkers who were congregating around a flipped bus from a correctional facility. The group wanted to continue with their mission but Troy insisted that they massacre the walkers first.

Madison took the opportunity to prove to the group she was worthy of being part of it and the soldiers, who previously questioned her skills, even ended up apologizing to her. At the end of the series, Madison's intentions of joining Troy's group became questionable, as it got clearer that the battle was greatly personal, with her wanting to put the bullets in the face of who killed Travis. Catch the next "Fear The Walking Dead" episode on July 2, 2017.