Graham Bloodworth continues to be a mystery on "The Young and the Restless" Spoiler alerts have not been beneficial as they have continued to change. Loyal fans of the show desire to see and know who he really is. Viewers do not want to be kept int the dark where this mystery man is concerned.

Graham has perpetuated an image

When Graham showed up with Dina the storyline was vague where he is concerned. Ashley and Jack considered him a Gigalo who was after their mother's fortune. Ms. Mergeron said he was her companion but initially did not specify details of their relationships.

Eventually, she told her children that she and Mr. Bloodworth were not lovers. Spoiler alerts have been conflicting in regard to this mystery man.

Initially, it was reported that he could be Dina's son and Ashley and Jack's half brother. Later, spoilers implied Graham was the younger brother of a man both Ashley and Dina dated decades ago. Neither of these scenarios has yet panned out. Graham has continued to be a Constant Companion to Dina. And has shown himself to be loyal and trustworthy except on one occasion.

On that day, Ashley saw him grab her mother's arm rather roughly. Dina brushed it off saying her daughter had misunderstood. Graham is handsome, polite and an immaculate dresser. He could probably have any woman he desires and yet he follows Dina around like a servant.

Last week Ms. Mergeron told her children that she was leaving the bulk of her estate to Mr. Bloodworth. As she was explaining her decision Dina's companion was flirting with Gloria.

Is Graham Bloodworth a friend or foe, a lover or a killer

More recent spoilers imply that now that Graham has what he wants he may kill Dina to collect his inheritance sooner.

Now that he has had a few intimate moments with Gloria perhaps Mr. Bloodworth desires a real romantic relationship with a woman younger than his companion. Jack tipped his former mother in law off about Graham's sudden expected windfall of finances and now Gloria has her sights set on him.

Viewers love to know what is going on and be prepared before cast members find out.

Fans of "The Young and the Restless" desire to know if Graham is a lover or a killer? The conflicting spoiler alerts only add to the confusion. The writers have chosen for now to leave loyal fans in suspended animation regarding this man of mystery.

One possible storyline, is having Graham and Gloria grow closer so that he slips and tells her about his plan. She could become alarmed and alert Jack who will stop Graham from harming his mother. Whatever transpires it will be interesting to find out the truth about Graham Bloodworth.