Exciting things are happening in the "Little People, Big World" family. After the arrival of their first grandchild, baby Jackson, another baby is on the way. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's baby girl is due by the end of August.

On Saturday, friends and family gathered to shower Audrey as she prepares for the baby's arrival. The baby shower was held in an area at the Roloff Farms, which was decorated with pink flowers and balloons.

Tori Roloff supports her sister-in-law

Tori, who has just given birth to baby Jackson last May, came to show love and support for her sister-in-law. Tori and Audrey share more than one thing with each other.

The two girls married Roloff twins, Zach and Jeremy, and they got pregnant almost at the same time. They will now share the experience of motherhood together.

Many "Little People, Big World" fans are insinuating that there is a rivalry between the sisters-in-law, but clearly, Tori and Audrey are having none of that. In her Instagram account, Tori posted a picture of them together taken at Audrey's baby shower.

"I am so thankful to get to walk through this moment of life with my sister," she wrote in the caption. Audrey replied to the post with a heart emoji and expressed her love for Tori.

Meanwhile, Audrey recently clapped back at her haters who called her "un-Christian" and "cold-hearted." She took a screenshot of the fans' comments and posted it on her Instagram.

It can be remembered that Audrey was also there for Tori's baby shower last April. She and Jeremy also drove three hours to the hospital in time for baby Jackson's birth.

When is Audrey's due date?

Audrey had a maternity photo shoot recently and announced that she is expected to give birth on August 31.

Jeremy and Audrey have just moved back to Portland and bought a house near the Roloff Farms. In a previous episode of "Little People, Big World," the couple expressed their hesitations about

In a previous episode of "Little People, Big World," the couple expressed their hesitation about moving but decided that being close to their family is the best thing to do.

Their move has put a lot of stress on their pregnancy. They have not settled in their new home since the renovations are not yet done. Currently, they are crashing at Audrey's parents while construction at their place is still ongoing.

Thankfully, Audrey's pregnancy has been relatively easy. She recently shared that despite their crazy schedules, she and the baby have remained healthy.

"Little People, Big World" aired its last episode on Tuesday. The finale featured the birth of Zach and Tori's son Jackson. The long-running TLC reality show will be returning for a new season this September and will follow Audrey's pregnancy and delivery.

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