Fans of 'The Young and the Restless' have been trying for a while to figure out the true identity of Graham Bloodworth. Earlier spoiler alerts from teased that he may be Dina's son. As the story has progressed however certain situations would indicate that this is not a possibility. Now spoilers are giving a new possibility for who Graham is. This is one the viewing audience did not see coming and is pretty sinister.

Graham is the younger brother of the man who slept with both Ashley and her mother

Decades ago. Ashley was engaged to a young man by the name of Eric Garrison.

She broke off the engagement upon learning that her fiancee was also having an affair with her mother Dina. If this angle is correct it would explain the tension between Dina's daughter and her companion. The spoilers indicate that Graham is very much aware of the past history his older brother had with Ashley and this is why he is so guarded with her.

Spoiler alerts suggest that Graham was happy living off of Ms. Mergeron's money in Paris and never expected to confront her Genoa City history face to face. He more than likely believed Dina would pass away and he would inherit all her possessions Graham never suspected a reunion with her children or that they would question his role in Dina's life.

This is a big stretch to go from insinuating that Graham was Jack and Ashley's half having him be the younger brother of a man who was obviously scamming both mother and daughter.

When will the entire truth be revealed about Mr. Bloodworth

Spoiler alerts are usually pretty accurate but this time they have given two scenario's that cannot be reconciled.

The teaser that Graham was Dina's son was a stretch because Ms. Mergeron had discussed her companion's possible romantic attraction for her daughter. Whatever the connection between Graham and Dina fans of "Young and the Restless" are closer to finding out the truth than they were before.

Ashley has had Ravi digging into Graham's past but so far nothing incriminating has turned up.

Will Dina's children find what they need before their mother loses everything? If spoilers are correct this will be shocking for Ashley to have her past revisited. The big question would be if Dina knows the truth about the man she trusts so much. If not this will be a difficult revelation for her to c0ome to terms with. "Y&R" fans should stay tuned to see how this plays out and if the latest spoilers are on point.