On "The Young and the Restless" there is a mystery that needs to be solved surrounding Graham Bloodworth. For weeks, Ashley and Jack have been trying to figure out the true nature of the relationship this man has with their mother Dina. Spoilers tease that the gentleman from Paris who Ashley has been flirting with could be her sibling.

Dina and Graham are devoted to each other

Graham Bloodworth and Dina Mergeron are certainly devoted to each other but no one knows why. At times he comes across as a caregiver or a loving companion. Jack and Ashey both initially believed him to be a Gigolo who is after their mother's bank account.

Dina has insisted to her children that there is no romantic involvement between the pair and she describes Mr. Bloodworth as a loyal companion.

When they are together, Graham expresses concern that Dina's children do not have her best interest at heart. He is very protective of her and she has his back as well. She consistently tells Jack that she will not abandon Graham and he will always be in her life. Although Ashley is backing off, Jack continues to try to figure out why this man means so much to his mother.

Jack has an obsession with Graham and Dina

Jack has been so concerned that he asked Ashley and Gloria to try to gain information from Graham. However, both came away with the attitude that he really does care for Dina.

He even sought legal advice from Michael Baldwin. If Graham is Jack and Ashley's half brother why is Dina keeping it a secret? She could end all the doubt immediately by coming clean to her family.

Jack regrets that he did not have his mother in his life for many years and wants to make up for lost time. He has even asked her to move into the Abbot mansion.

Ashley is also coming around where Dina is concerned. And Abby adores her new found grandmother.

However, there is something regarding Graham that keeps Dina from completely bridging the gap with her family. When she told him of the offer to move into the Abbot household he told her that she knew that was not possible. Neither one of them have said why.

The accuracy of spoilers

Spoiler alerts have a high rate of accuracy but this time evidence indicates they may be wrong. Spoilers teasing that Graham is related to the Abbot's by blood is a stretch for several reasons. Last week, Dina pointed out to Graham that Ashey was a beautiful woman. She expressed concern that Graham may find Ashley attractive and have less time for her. Graham, however, assured Ms. Mergeron that would never happen. If Graham could be Ashley's sibling it does not seem that Dina would have had such a conversation with him.

On Friday, Dina called her daughter and asked her to come over. Ashey arrived while Graham was watching Dina sign the final papers for the sale of her company to Neil and Devon.

After Graham left the room, Ashley once again brought up her concern for the man who monopolizes so much of her mother's attention.

Dina responded to her daughter by saying that she and Graham have an arrangement. If this is a purely business relationship then Graham could not be Dina's child. Only time will tell if the spoilers are correct. There could be twists and turns to this storyline the viewers are not aware of.