The suicides of singers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington have come as a rude shock not just to their fans but also to their fellow musicians. Celebrated singer Elton John recently opened up about the demise of the two saying that it was sad to lose them and that both of them were adorable people. Chester Bennington’s band mate Dave Phoenix Farrell also expressed his feelings on Twitter, paying tribute to his friend and colleague.

Elton John calls Cornell and Bennington deaths awful

Elton John has spoken for the first time about the shocking deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.

According to reports, John said that the last few weeks have been pretty sad as they lost Chris and Chester in quick succession. He revealed that he had met both of them for a brief time and both were truly lovely people. Calling their demise unfortunate, he said that it feels awful to know that depression got to someone so deep that they took their own life. John said that the pain felt even acute in these two cases because both had families.

As fans may know, Cornell was found dead in his Detroit hotel room on May 18, a few hours after giving a performance with his band at a concert. Bennington, the lead vocalist of Linkin Park, followed suit two months later and he was also found hanging at his home on July 20.

Coincidentally, it was the birth date of Cornell. Also, the two singers were known to be very close to each other.

Linkin Park's Farrell pays tribute to Bennington on Twitter

In the meantime, band mate and bassist of Linkin Park, Dave Phoenix Farrell took to Twitter to honor Chester Bennington, almost a week after his death.

In a heartfelt message addressing the fans of the singer, he wrote that he has been left overwhelmed by the love and support of people from across the globe. He also wrote that he wished he could thank all the people personally and then remembering Bennington wrote that he was a loyal friend, an amazing musician, and a fabulous father.

Farrell also called out to the fans to share the pictures of the memorials held for Bennington and also put forth snapshots of various memorials that were held in Russia, New York, Italy, and Chile. It may be mentioned here that a few days after the death of the Linkin Park vocalist, the band came up with a website dedicated to the singer also doubling up as a suicide prevention portal as well as a place for his fans to express their condolences and messages.