Meghan Markle has a Birthday coming up soon. The actress will turn 36 years old on Friday, August 4. People are wondering how she plans to celebrate her birthday. They are speculating that she will celebrate with her 32-year-old boyfriend Prince Harry. They spent major holidays and other special occasions together over the year they have been dating.

The couple has been traveling back and forth between the United Kingdom and Canada on a regular basis to spend time with each other whether for a special occasion or not. Therefore, it stands to reason that Meghan will be with him on her special day.

Celebrating birthday

For those who are wondering, the "Suits" star has already been spotted in London a few days before her birthday. According to Hello Online, the actress was seen at Waterloo Station last Thursday evening. It is unknown when she arrived and how long she will stay.

People are wondering what the fifth heir to the British throne will give his girlfriend for a birthday gift. Some say they think Prince Harry will give the American actress a Mini. The Daily Star cleared up the reason for that particular gift. It was reported that "The Italian Job" is Harry's favorite movie, and the Mini is seen throughout the crime film. It has been reported that Harry is trying to purchase an exclusive John Cooper Works Countryman model for Meghan.

The Mini will stay in London instead of in the United States. The reason behind this is so Meghan can drive around London in the vehicle and not be recognized.

While that would be an excellent gift, others are thinking Prince Harry will give her something more personal and romantic, such as a piece of jewelry that she will be able to keep with her.

She would be able to wear it and be reminded of him more often than if she received a $31,000 Mini.


Since most people like good love stories, they are waiting for an announcement of an engagement. No one knows for sure if and when the two will become engaged. A source has reported that Prince Harry has been heard saying he wants to become engaged before he turns 33.

Since his birthday is on September 15, he has just a few weeks to propose to Meghan.

Earlier this month, Harry reportedly was having an engagement ring custom designed by Collins, the Queen's jeweler. Before this recent speculation, it was previously thought that Prince Harry would propose with a family ring, and the couple will get married next year.