Angelina Jolie has spoken up about her personal life in a recent interview, also shedding light on her encounter with Bell’s Palsy and it may surprise fans but she is not the first celebrity to face the disease.

Jolie has spoken up about her separation, children and the dreadful encounter with Bell’s palsy that she has overcome. While it is definitely good news for her fans, she is not the first celebrity to have faced the disease.

Jolie speaks life post-divorce and her kids in an interview

Angelina Jolie has spoken in detail for the first time about her divorce with Brad Pitt, life post separation and her encounter with Bell’s palsy.

According to reports, the 42-year-old actress has spoken about her personal life in an interview with Vanity Fair. Talking about Brad Pitt, she said in her interview that they had started experiencing trouble last summer and then things turned difficult. She also rubbished the rumors attributing their divorce to her frequent tours with children and said that it was never an issue.

In fact, Jolie believes that traveling was a wonderful experience for their children. She also said that she was proud of her kids and that she and Brad Pitt are working together, post their separation to ensure a better future for their children. She also made it clear that all of them care for each other but did not give a direct answer when asked if her present equation with Pitt has improved.

Actress not the first to celeb to suffer from Bell’s palsy

Most importantly the interview saw Angelina Jolie talking about her encounter with Bell’s palsy that she faced last year. She said that she was able to cure herself with the help of acupuncture. She also added that women tend not to care for themselves until something serious happens to their health.

It must be mentioned here that Jolie is not the first celeb who has encountered Bell’s palsy. George Clooney also faced it during adolescence. The handsome actor has said that it struck him in the first year of high school and it was a bad time for him. Pierce Brosnan, who has played James Bond, also dealt with partial face paralysis in the 80s and contracted it through a viral infection but it went away in some weeks.

Hafþor Julius Bjornsson who plays the Mountain in the HBO show “Game of Thrones” also suffered from this disease and it hindered his ability to smile.

Well, Angelina Jolie has been also successful in defeating Bell’s palsy and it is great news for her fans.