There is no doubt that Ed Sheeran is among the most popular artists in this world right now. His name has been placed among the greats, thanks to his songs like “Photograph” and “Thinking Out Loud.” But unfortunately, not everyone was happy with his cameo in the first episode of “Game of Thrones” season seven.

The whole internet went crazy upon seeing Ed Sheeran in the aforementioned show. He was among the knights from King’s Landing who chanced upon Arya Stark, who is being played by English Actress Maisie Williams. Following the singer-songwriter’s deletion of his Twitter account, he finally came out and spoke about it.

Why he deleted his Twitter page

Following Sheeran’s cameo in “Game of Thrones,” his aforesaid social media site was taken down. It was later found out that he actually deleted it, sparking rumors that this was due to people mocking him for his cameo. But apparently, this was not really the case. According to Unilad, the singer posted a photo on his Instagram account, explaining that he did not quit the social media site due to the negative reaction. He added that he was not worried about being on the show because it was “clearly f****** awesome.”

Ed Sheeran iterated that everything was just coincidental and that he always wanted to take his name out of Twitter. He ended his post with a line referring to how unrelated the picture was.

His Twitter account’s bio has also been changed, asking people to follow him on Instagram instead. It is worth noting that this is not entirely the first time he removed himself from the social media. His relationship with the said account was on and off.

People on hating him

Ed Sheeran explained that the decision to remove his Twitter account was due to people bashing and mocking him.

Whenever he reads the comments, it only “ruins” his day. So instead of allowing people to make him a laughing stock, he made the decision to completely remove himself from the toxic community. Before, there were rumors that Sheeran was unable to fully deactivate his account due to his label’s request. He was basically promoting his latest album that time and perhaps the label wanted to use his fame on social media sites to further promote the new album.

Following his cameo in “Game of Thrones,” Ed Sheeran received multiple bashes and bad-mouthing from fans all over the world. They joked about how the singer ruins one of Earth’s finest TV shows. Some went to criticize him for being lackluster in the first episode.