The new Doctor Who has been revealed as Kris Marshall through a source in the newspaper the Daily Mirror. A source in the Daily Mirror named the actor as the new Doctor Who. The source stated that ''Kris Marshall has already joined the cast and will regenerate at the end of this season.'' That is the current season which is being broadcast.

The current season, season 10 of "Doctor Who," is being shown on BBC America every Saturday. It just started its new season on Saturday the 15th of April. So, we have a bit of a long way to go until we find out if these rumors are true.

Speculation has been growing as to who will replace Peter Capaldi in the tardis.

Whovian speculation

Ever since Peter Capaldi, currently, the 13th Doctor, announced that he was quitting "Doctor Who" at the end of January this year, there has been much speculation as to who the new Doctor will be.

There have been many actors (and actresses) who have been in the running to be the next Doctor Who. Although the character of Doctor Who has always been a man, rumor and speculation have been rife with betting pundits and fans thinking that this time the BBC will opt for a woman. The new Doctor being cast as a woman seems unlikely.

The source also stated that the BBC ''won't risk a woman.'' It's uncertain how casting a woman as the Doctor would be received by fans.

It is an issue which divides fans. Some argue that it is time for the Doctor to be a woman. While others argue that the Doctor should never be a woman. Casting the Doctor as a woman would certainly be a controversial move, which wouldn't receive a warm welcome from some fans.

Who will be the next Doctor?

Given that, there is a long list of both male and female actors which are in the running for being the new Doctor.

Just some of the male and female actors in the running to be the new time lord are; Colin Morgan, Tilda Swinton, and Robert Carlyle. Most of the other actors and actresses will be unfamiliar to American audiences.

If we are going with the type of actors that the BBC have picked in the past to play the time lord, then, it won't be an actor who is well known, especially to American audiences.

The BBC tends to pick actors for the role who are not well known, even for British audiences.

Kris Marshall is quite a well-known television actor in the UK. Starring in TV shows like "My Family" and "Death in Paradise." For Americans, you may recognize him from the movie "Love Actually."

It's probably safe to assume that Kris Marshall is the new Doctor, even though he has not yet been officially confirmed by the BBC. These sort of rumors usually turn out to be true. Before Peter Capaldi was cast as the new Doctor, the same rumors also wildly circulated. With Capaldi, betting was also suspended. In the UK the public can bet on things like sports, and TV before an event happens, to win money. In a similar fashion, betting for Kris Marshall was suspended early last month. It's not officially confirmed that Kris Marshall is the new Doctor Who, but it is highly likely that this is your new Doctor.