DeMario Jackson has revealed his plans of returning to the TV series, "Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise," following the recent sexual controversy. To recall, Jackson has been involved with the recent issue regarding the sexual encounter which caused the suspension of the "Bachelor in Paradise" production.

However, amid the controversy, Jackson still wanted to return to the series’ upcoming reunion that is set to happen on the "Bachelor in Paradise" upcoming season. Meanwhile, the actor also revealed that he will be doing the "Men Tell All" during the said episode.

Sexual encounter controversy

In one of his interviews, Jackson has told Entertainment Tonight about the toll which the TV series' scandal has caused him and his family. Jackson revealed that the recent issue has caused his family a lot of stress. He also emphasized that her mother was greatly affected by the news.

Jackson further considered such controversy a very stressful one. He further shared that it felt so hard for him seeing his mother crying every single day. Despite the difficult situation he faced a couple of weeks ago, many of his fans are happy after learning about his plans to return to the show.

He also thanked all his cast mates for being entirely supportive despite what happened. Jackson added that he will be thanking each of them through hugs as he returns to the series upcoming season.

Jackson admits being forgiving

In line with the sexual scandal which happened in the "Bachelor in Paradise" production, Corrine Olympios once shared that she will no longer return to the series. She further shared that she won't even show up to the show's reunion in order to avoid confrontation with Jackson.

However, Jackson also revealed that he is not that kind of person.

He also admitted that he is ready to forgive whenever Olympios wants to come up with him. Jackson further shared that he is more than willing to talk with her with or without the camera.

Further, the actor still looks forward that he can still make up with the conflict he had with Olympios.

On his recent statement, Jackson added, "We can talk offline. Whether it's there or in the future, 10 years from now." Meanwhile, the series fans are also looking forward that both will finally fix the issue.

Despite the stress that he and his family had been through, Jackson is more than willing to fix the animosity and forgive anyone who has been part of the scandal.

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