The "American Idol" star Haley Reinhart was reportedly Arrested on Saturday at Chicago, Illinois due to the recent bar fight she has been involved with. A report from Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that Palatine police officers have arrested Reinhart after she argued with the bar's security guard and has struck a fist on one of the bar's employees.

After having been arrested, Reinhart was released on her own recognizance and will further have a court trial that is scheduled to happen on August 2, at 10:30 a.m. Meanwhile, Dina LaPolt, Reinhart's attorney, has expressed that her client has denied all the accusations.

Assaulted by the bouncers

In the official statement that was issued by Reinhart's lawyer, their party claimed that the "American Idol" alum was assaulted by some of the bouncers. LaPolt added that her client has been forcefully removed and the bouncers even ended hurting one of her friends.

In addition, Reinhart's friend has been violently hurt and had attained multiple injuries during the incident. Meanwhile, her attorney further added that they will take legal actions with what happened and it will involve all of those who had been part of the unfortunate incident.

One count of battery charge

Police were called to the bar around 2:00 in the morning. Reinhart, together with her friends, was seen being forced to leave by the bouncers.

She was charged with the so-called “one count battery” but later on, she was released after being detained.

Reportedly the "American Idol" star had punched a bouncer through her fist which caused her to be placed in prison. However, on the other hand, Reinhart's camp claimed that it was they who were violently mistreated by the bar's staffs and employees.

Right now, Reinhart will have a court rolling that is slated to happen on the first week of August. Neither the Lamplighter manager nor Reinhart is yet to give further details over the incident. Both weren't reachable for comment during that Monday night.

It was also believed that the "American Idol" finalist went to the bar not to perform but simply to hang out with friends.

Meanwhile, as the investigation continues, Reinhart's attorney believes that legal charges will be given to those people who were involved during that Saturday night incident.

Amid the news, Reinhart's fans have been supporting her along the way. The Court is yet to determine who is to be blamed when the final court rolling happens in August.