"Days Of Our Lives" fans can expect a huge change to be coming within the next month for all your favorite daytime characters when the new head writer Ron Carlivati officially takes the reigns. "Days Of Our Lives" has been airing for more than five decades and during that time dedicated fans have certainly endured a lot of changes over the years. Viewers have also unhappily suffered through the loss of fan favorites such as Bo Brady, Sami Brady, Nicole Walker, and EJ DiMera to mention a few.

'Days of Our Lives' fans ready for the new and improved soap

According to SoapHub, the network has promised fans will soon see new and exciting storylines arriving over the summer thanks to new head writer, Ron Carlivati. The soap news site is calling the future change, "Days ReBoot 3.0." Viewers can expect the Carlivati scripts will begin airing in about a month.

Carlivati recently teased soap fans when he shared a bit of his first "Days" script along with a preview scene. It looks like it will be an exciting summer for "Days" fans. Hopefully, with the new future changes, the show will see an increase in ratings and finally put all the cancellation talk behind them once and for all.

New spoilers revealed

Spoilers for the last week of June reveal that Theo is going to attempt to come clean about his real feelings when it comes to Claire and Ciara. Theo obviously has feelings for Claire, but he cares deeply for Ciara too. The turmoil of loving two women has weighed heavily on Theo for some time now. What he doesn't know yet is that Claire is hiding a letter Ciara wrote to Theo revealing her love for him.

Claire is worried that if Theo finds out how Ciara feels she could lose him for good.

Who will Theo choose? He has loved Ciara practically all of his life and has waited for a long time hoping to move their relationship to the next level. However, Claire's attempt to hold on to Theo could backfire when he discovers that she has been sneaky and dishonest by withholding Ciara's letter from him.

Who would you rather see Theo end up with Claire or Ciara?

Things are also going to get touchy for Kayla this week. Once again, Kayla's medical career could be in jeopardy. This week fans will see Tripp alter some of Kayla's patient medical files to make her appear incompetent. He is determined to seek his revenge and also has a bigger plan in store for Kayla later this week, one that could place her in danger of losing her life.

Be sure to check back for more "DOOL" news and spoilers.

"Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.