"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for Wednesday reveal that Chad DiMera and Gabi Hernandez will return to Salem after being stranded on that desert island and they'll be over the moon to be back home. The pair is finally together as a couple, and they'll even share some seriously emotional moments with family members.

The two will be overwhelmed with joy as they are able to reunite with their children, Arianna and Thomas for the first time since returning home, and everything will seem perfect for the pair. That is until Chad hears Abigail's shocking news.

Chad returns home to shocking news

According to Soap Hub, Chad and Gabi's homecoming will be magical and wonderful until news of Abigail's engagement to Dario comes to light. Chad will hear that not only has Abigail moved on with Gabi's older brother but that she is planning to marry him as well.

As "Days of our Lives" fans know, Chad wasn't gone for a long enough time for Abby to make such a big decision, and even if he tries to hide his feelings of shock and sadness from Gabi, the youngest DiMera brother will likely be devastated by the news that his ex-wife has moved on so quickly, and that his son Thomas will be getting a step-father.

Abigail will reunite with Chad and Gabi, and tell them she is so happy that they have returned home to Salem safely.

"Days of our Lives" viewers will likely see an awkward exchange between the three, and Abigail could even learn that Chad and Gabi's time on the island is what drove them back together romantically.

Meanwhile, Sonny's homecoming won't go as smoothly as he hoped. Sonny will reunite with Deimos, and the drama will be at an all-time high as the two will get into a physical altercation at the hospital, where Paul is likely being treated.

Nicole gets Holly back for good

Meanwhile, Nicole will get a shocking surprise when Chloe shows up at her door. Nicole is overwhelmed with sadness over losing custody of Holly to Chloe, and to make matters worse, Chloe has revealed that she's planning to move to New York.

Nicole's fears are that she will never get to be a part of Holly's life, but all that will change this week.

"Days of our Lives" viewers will watch has Chloe has a stunning change of heart and releases custody of Holly back to Nicole before leaving Salem.

This means that Nicole, Brady, Holly, and Tate are free to be a family together with no restrictions. However, Nicole usually finds a way to mess things up, and that could be the case in this situation as well.