Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom 2" has opened up about her childhood and life before the TV show began in her new book, Read Between the Lines. The reality TV star promised a never before seen look at her childhood and all of the issues she faces, and said it would read a bit like a diary. Fans who have read the book said that they feel like the book is incredibly personal and that it is like having a sit-down conversation with Jenelle. The star promised not to hold anything back from her readers and it seems she has opened up incredibly to her fans.

Jenelle shares her abandonment

Sadly, Jenelle Evans was abandoned by her father at a relatively young age. She says that she looked up to him and called herself a daddy's girl for a long time, but that one day he up and left the family without any forewarning. The mother-of-three says this has really messed her up and made her vulnerable for pretty bad relationships that she has fallen into as an adult. She has said that her father has not spoken to her, her siblings or her mother in quite a long time, and last month she revealed that she was going to try to locate him and form a relationship with him, though many fans worried this would lead to disappointment.

Jenelle wrote that once her father had left, her mother became even stricter on her than she used to be and became a "colder version of herself" in order to cope with being abandoned as well.

Her relationship with her siblings

It has recently been revealed that Jenelle has not invited any of her family members to her upcoming wedding, including her two siblings, Ashleigh and Colin. According to Jenelle, her relationship with them was incredibly fractured for a variety of reasons. She says Ashleigh, who was the oldest, always made sure her younger siblings knew she was in charge of them and tried to maintain control of the household.

Jenelle also stated that her brother Colin had lots of issues growing up, and as a result, her mother Barb sent him away to a group home. While she recognizes this was a difficult decision, she thinks it was the best her mother could do in the moment. Colin actually accidentally set their house on fire in 2000. At the time, Colin was only 9 years old, and had set his toy car on fire and threw it on the bed, setting the attic on fire and partially burning down the family home.

As a result, Jenelle is not close to either one of her siblings and does not maintain contact with them to this day.