Taylor Swift's relationships have always featured in the media. Since her first relationship with Brandon Borello to her latest romance with Joe Alwyn, the media has always been a third person in her love life. This time Taylor is trying to keep her life and the media as separate as she possibly can. However, the singer and her boyfriend were recently spotted at Taylor's home in Rhode Island. The pair were seen on a double date with celebrity couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Things are serious between the pair

Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn, appear to be getting quite serious.

The romance began earlier this year and resulted in Taylor withdrawing from the limelight. The pair wanted to keep their relationship as private as they could. However, according to the Independent, the couple were seen on a mini vacation at Taylor Swift's Rhode Island mansion. Joining them were celebrity couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively who are close friends with Taylor Swift.

According to Metro, Taylor Swift believes that the media had a huge role to play in the break up between herself and actor Tom Hiddleston. She did not want the same thing to happen between her and Joe. The pair attempted to hid themselves from the paparazzi by wearing identical gray hoodies. Swift's security team surrounded them as they made a mad dash for the Rhode Island home.

The celebrities have become friends over the years

Taylor Swift was not always friends with celebrity couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Their friendship began a few years ago and has continued since. It appears that Taylor and Blake are quite close and Reynolds is fulfilling his role as the husband and accompanying his wife to events such as Taylor's 4th of July party last year.

Blake and Ryan were seen in an Instagram with two other couples. Reynolds, quite comedically, does not look like he is into the whole impromptu photos.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been together for several years. They have two children together who they try and keep out of the limelight as much as possible. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively fell in love with each other on a double date.

It is fitting that the pair is keeping up the tradition of double dating with their new friend Taylor. One has to wonder how Joe Alwyn felt being the same room as two of the worlds most loved actors.

There has been no comment from any of the celebrities present about their double dating. Odds are that they will remain silent about it as Taylor does not want any more media attention. Fans will have to wait for Taylor to include them in her new romance through her social media.