After "Dance Moms" Season 8 has been confirmed to push through without Abby Lee Miller, many former participants like Maddie Ziegler, McKenzie Ziegler, and chloe lukasiak have been rumored to be returning to the reality series. Eventually, Lukasiak confirmed her return to "Dance Moms" season 8, although she clarified that she won't be a mainstay and that she will only be appearing in a few episodes.

As expected, fans of the 16-year old dancer were elated to hear the news that she will be making several appearances on Lifetime's hit reality series.

Some were hoping that Lukasiak would change her mind and be a series regular but it looks like the reason for her part-time stint in "Dance Moms" can be attributed to her new reality show.

According to Deadline, Chloe Lukasiak has been offered to top bill her own reality series entitled "Chloe Does It!' The series will be under A+E and will only be a short-form series. However, since the mini-series centers on her, it is understandable while Chloe Lukasiak has not committed to a full-time stint on "Dance Moms" season 8.

A budding reality star in the making

Chloe Lukasiak has long been the darling of the viewers, with her bubbly disposition, incontestable talent in dancing and her striking looks.

She began appearing on TV shows since she was a kid, and now that she is already 16 years old, she has amassed a pretty impressive resume with all her TV appearances and guestings.

As the icing on the cake, her upcoming series, "Chloe Does It!" is the first TV project under her name. While her popularity on YouTube is incontestable, landing a TV project centered on her is another story.

Fans of Lukasiak are very excited to see the mini-series on A+E.

From YouTube to TV

"Chloe Does It" will begin airing on Lifetime's YouTube channel beginning July 24. There will be two episodes premiering each week and by August 8, the "Chloe Does It!" episodes will be aired on Lifetime leading into the premiere of "Dance Moms" season 8, which is scheduled on August 1 at 9 pm.

The mini-series produced by A+E will give the fans a walk-through in Chloe's life - from movie auditions, a whirlwind tour of New York City, sleepovers, Pittsburgh tour and more. It will also be a venue for interaction between Lukasiak and her fans as the former will be entertaining questions via response videos feature on YouTube. Just like other mini-series produced by Lifetime's YouTube channel, "Chloe Does It!" is expected to generate a lot of views and break records of other existing videos in the said channel.