The former coach of the dance reality show Dance Moms is now serving her term for bankruptcy fraud and bringing big Australian currency into the U.S. without proper documentation. Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to 366 days in prison and has commenced her term on July 12.

The 'Dance Moms' star prepared for prison life

Before entering the prison facility, she hired a lady prison expert to advise her on how to conduct herself inside the correctional institute for women. She was told to get tight with the prison officials to get better job assignments.

But ironically, all new inmates have to go through cleaning the toilets and Miller was not an exemption. She was also told to follow orders and that is being done by the reality star.

As per Us Weekly, Miller asked about little things that might be prohibited inside like wearing her favorite deodorant, wearing socks in bed (she does wear socks because when her feet freeze they cramp) and if she can be allowed to bring a computer. Indeed, the 50-year-old convict has prepared herself for the bleak life she will be facing.

On July 25, Miller’s current life status and her upcoming incarceration will be featured in a special titled “Abby Tells All” filmed before her entry into Victorville. Jedediah Bila of “The View” will show footages of her recent predicament.

When Abby Lee Miller entered the facility she was followed by a cameraman to record her experiences every step of the way. She said in the interview that she might “not survive prison,” according to Wetpaint.

Before the interview ended, she admitted and took the blame for what happened to her. But she takes pride in giving a “new life” to her students.

Prison life could be harsh on Abby Lee Miller

The “Dance Moms” mentor is literally suffering physically and mentally inside the prison. Physically, because the food is depressing for a celebrity like her who eats at fine dining restaurants. She cannot choose what to nibble inside but only those items listed that she can buy.

At present, she can only purchase from the prison store Coca-Cola, chips, ice cream, and canned tuna which are not suited for her. Rationed foods are in small quantity and may not satisfy her. For breakfast just slices of wheat bread, jelly, fruits, and a cup of skimmed milk. For lunch, just burgers and fries and some fruit and bean soup for dinner.

Emotionally, she as fears being abused or hurt inside. She cannot go out of her cell to associate with other inmates for fear of confrontation. Maddie Ziegler’s mentor has to spend her first 30 days alienated from friends and families as it takes too long for visitation mails to be processed.

Abby Lee Miller informed before that her incarceration will not hinder her from planning her shows when she comes out of prison. This preoccupation will make her stay inside the prison bearable. Before she knows it, her time is finished.