Michael Weatherly may have left “NCIS” but it doesn’t stop him from venturing another role on the small screens. Apparently, he has his own TV series, “Bull,” which is based on the life of Dr. Phil McGraw at the height of his career as a trial consultant. An intelligent, cocky and attractive psychologist, his role has three Doctors of Philosophy and is the best in this line of business. Recently, the actor revealed that Oprah Winfrey, Michael Caine and OJ Simpson are the show’s biggest inspirations. His current series has been renewed for a second installment, which is set to air in September 2017.

The series’ inspirations

Michael Weatherly plays as Dr. Jason Bull in his current TV show, who has an excellent insight into human nature and his perspectives to succeed, is something that has made him effective at his job. He recently told Digital Spy that because of preferential treatment, the jury won’t actually go for the other side although the proofs are clear to be accurate. An example would be Oprah Winfrey’s lawsuit when she critically commented about the beef and mad cow disease. The famous talk show host landed a lawsuit for a billion dollars by the cattle industry. “The case was being set in Marshall, Texas, and she was losing the case, even though the science and the facts were on her side because the jury was in the beef industry,” he said.

As for OJ Simpson trial, Michael Weatherly believes that it was for “election purposes” that the jury chosen was from Los Angeles and not in Santa Monica. He went on to say that Gil Garcetti, the District Attorney at that time knew that a high-profile case will make a great impact on the results of the election. It was definitely the major reason why the selection of the jury was from downtown LA.

Additionally, the people involved just didn’t want to drive 30 more minutes to Santa Monica, which he finds silly.

Michael Weatherly also referred to Sir Michael Caine from the 1960s spy series, “Harry Palmer” as another inspiration of “Bull.” He specifically cited Caines’ spectacles that made the series famous. He further said that the lead actor in that series just knew how to handle those infamous glasses.

The “NCIS” actor referred the glasses as something that “hides a lot of sins.”

A different feel for the show’s second installment

Michael Weatherly also teased the “Bull” Season 2 will be a little different compared to the first season. The series apparently has a new showrunner, Glenn Caron, who will take the show to more thrills and adventures. It is clearly something that fans should look forward to seeing comes the premiere date of the show’s second season.