Shawn Ashmore, the "X-Men" star, and his wife Dana have finally welcomed their first born son as she gave birth last weekend. The 37-year old actor took to his Instagram page and shared a cute photo of his newborn. The snap shot featured his photo as he held the tiny finger of his son. A report from Entertainment Tonight has shared that Ashmore and Dana couldn't help but fall in love with their little bundle of joy.

On the other hand, Dana, Ashmore's wife, also shared the good news on the social media. She posted some of the pictures of her little one which also include a video clip that featured her son's tiny legs.

Everyone from her Instagram page shared comments and likes to her recent post.

New parents

As Dana shared the news on the social media, Ashmore's wife left a caption that says, "We did it." Meanwhile, her followers were also quick to comment while wishing her entire family happiness and love. To recall, Ashmore and Dana met on the set of the 2010's "Frozen," and eventually, both had developed a romantic relationship to each other.

Eventually, Ashmore and Dana decided to tie the knot back on July 2012 in Los Angeles. Without a doubt, the new and excited parents were very happy as they finally hold their first son on their arms. Further, Ashmore couldn't help but be more in love with his wife, Dana.

Details of the first born

As the "X-Men" star shared the news on the social media, most of their followers longed to know more of the details of their first son. However, the couple hasn't given further details yet about their baby. As of the meantime, the baby's name, as well as the official birth date, have been kept private.

Nevertheless, it will be expected that Ashmore and Dana will reveal such details soon.

To recall, Dana has also shared numerous photos of her pregnancy journey on her Instagram page.

Hence, most of her followers had witnessed the joy she went through while expecting the arrival of their first born. In fact, Dana and Ashmore even shared a photo during their baby shower. The couple was seen in all smiles as they celebrated the occasion.

Moreover, Ashmore's wife had kept her followers updated of her pregnancy. To recall, the new mom even shared a photo of her baby's sonogram. This drew lots of excitement from all of their fans online. As the couple welcomed their first child, many changes are expected to happen in their lives. Nevertheless, everyone was happy as the couple finally became a complete family.