Fans, and haters alike, of the controversial "Dance Moms" star will finally get to hear her thoughts about being in jail with her final pre-prison interview courtesy of the lifetime network.

According to reports, the ALDC owner couldn't hide her emotions during the interview titled "Dance Moms: Abby Tells All". During the two-hour special, Miller discussed her fears of spending 366 days in prison for fraud charges.

Viewers can expect to see Miller during her final days as a free woman as Lifetime chronicles some of her activities such as her final dinner with friends.

The special will also feature Miller's moment of truth -- surrender to Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in California.

Abby bares all before going to prison

The former "Dance Moms" instructor did not hold back in exposing what is really going on in her mind before her surrender on July 12. Abby sat with "The View" host Jedediah Bila and admitted that the mere thought of going to prison really scares her. Apparently, the 50-year-old choreographer felt like she "probably won't survive" prison, adding that the mistakes she made have put her in this difficult situation.

Miller also revealed that she was also worried about her fellow inmates, claiming that they "petrify" her. The controversial dance enthusiast added that she even feared that her fellow inmates will see her tell-all interview and use it against her.

"I've been told not to talk about it because once they know, when they see this and they know, that's what they'll go after," Abby emotionally admitted. "So, you know, I am petrified."

In the same interview, the "Dance Moms" star was asked if she's concerned about being physically abused while in prison, to which she responded bluntly with a yes.

Apparently, the Pittsburgh native is "terrified" about the idea of being hurt in jail and admitted that she tries to block such negative thoughts as much as possible.

Despite all the hardships that Abby is currently facing, the reality star managed to maintain her positivity, saying, "I never use the word can't.

I'm a can-do girl."

Miller's fraud case

It can be recalled that Abby was charged with fraud for attempting to hide a whopping $775,000 worth of income from "Dance Moms" and other projects. According to reports, Miller concealed the money in secret bank accounts in 2013 and pled guilty to bankruptcy on June 2016.

Last year, the ALDC owner was sentenced one year and one day in federal prison. Upon completing her jail time, Miller will have a supervised release for two years. In addition, the famous dancer also paid $40,000 fine.

Although Abby received 366 days of jail time, sources revealed that realistically, she might only need to face 10 months in prison. However, such claims have yet to be confirmed.

Abby Lee Miller's two-hour special, "Dance Moms: Abby Tells All," is scheduled to air on July 25 while "Dance Moms" premieres on August 1. Both shows will be broadcasted at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.