Dan Harmon isn't for everyone. His sense of humor and style is extremely "meta" in nature, and the use of profanity and pop-culture in equal doses can be off-putting for casual viewers. There is no doubt, however, that the man has a cult-following that's rarely seen in this hyper-saturated age of films and television. The sheer love of the fans managed to keep "Community" chugging along for six seasons, despite being canceled and losing nearly half of the original cast. "Rick and Morty" has garnered such a loyal fan base, that the seemingly endless waiting periods between seasons and even episodes are totally worth the wait for loyalists.

Even his podcast is one of the most popular podcasts of all time.

The man is a legend in his own right, and it is surprising that he hasn't worked on more projects considering his popularity. Well, the good news is that Dan Harmon has been signed onto adapting a popular novel to the small screen, and it might be the writer/director's biggest and most ambitious project to date.

Sirens of Titan

Based on a Kurt Vonnegut novel, "Sirens Of Titan" is an action-packed interplanetary tale involving the adventures of one Malachi Constant. The show is set a century into the future and follows the exploits of Constant, the richest man in the modern version of the United States. When a massive war breaks out between the Earthlings and Martians of the time, Constant is forced to flee his home in search of answers.

This journey takes him to distant parts of our solar system, including a visit to the ancient moon Titan. There, Malachi Constant manages to track down the source of all the commotion in his life over the past few years and unlock a deeper mystery regarding the true workings of the universe.

What to expect

The series is being adapted by Universal Cable Productions and will include Dan Harmon and Evan Katz ("Small Crimes") in the driver's seat.

The premise of "Sirens of Titan" has been a popular one for a couple of decades now, with several production houses having attempted to adapt the book for the big screen. After a lot of failed ventures, it now looks like the book will find a home on television in the coming years.

Dan Harmon has a lot of experience working on unique sci-fi ideas thanks to his popular animated series "Rick and Morty." His sense of humor and unique voice will allow "Sirens of Titan" to stand-apart from other sci-fi shows, and possibly even propel it into the limelight with other popular sci-fi shows. The release date for the pilot has not yet been revealed, but stay tuned right here for more details regarding the exciting new series.