When "Rick and Morty" debuted on Adult Swim back in 2013, the animated sci-fi sitcom, created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, immediately drew the attention of its viewers. The series revolved around Rick Sanchez, a scientific genius who also happens to be an alcoholic, and his grandson, Morty, an overly distressed teen who keeps finding himself in his grandfather's adventures.

Back in April, the show teased the first episode of its third season, and since then hasn't aired the remaining episodes of the season. While waiting, however, fans can catch Dan Harmon's latest video on the Adult Swim Facebook page, wherein he explains some of the characters on the show and talks about how they perceive the Meaning Of Life.

Dan Harmon on the concept of God

"Rick and Morty" is mostly based on mythologist Joseph Campbell's "The Hero's Journey." Dan Harmon explained that Rick plays a vital role in God's relationship with man, as he said, "Campbell calls God an impersonal cosmic force. That's the most terrifying thing about it. It doesn't give a f--- about you. Rick is the seam between God and man." Harmon also explained that there are a lot of themes between the creator and the created in the show, because he enjoys thinking about the idea that "we have gods" and creators and are in constant search for the meaning behind all of it.

Show creator disagrees with Rick

In the show, Rick is often portrayed as the more sullen one, having been the character who has played with the idea of suicide on some occasions.

As per Nerdist, Jerry may seem as the "happier" man between him and Rick, with whom Dan Harmon opposes views. According to Harmon, "The knowledge that nothing matters while accurate, gets you nowhere." Harmon can't get to agree with Rick, who subscribes to the belief that "nothing matters" because "The further back you pull, the more that truth will endure.

But when you zoom in on Earth, when you zoom in to a family, when you zoom into a human brain, and a childhood experience, you see all these things that matter. You have this fleeting chance to participate in an illusion called 'I love my girlfriend,' 'I love my dog,' How is that not better?"

It's all a matter of perspective

"Rick and Morty" creator Dan Harmon explained that it's all just a matter of perspective, because once a person gets past the "terrifying threshold," that's why he or she can realize that "every place is the center of the universe and every moment is the most important moment and everything is the meaning of life." "Rick and Morty" season 3 is set to return to Adult Swim soon.