No one knows yet if contestant Corinne Olympios is worthy of a garden filled with roses from "The Bachelor's" Nick Vial, but one thing is for sure - she is no shrinking violet. The blonde beauty from Sunny Isles Beach, Florida has a set of demands of her own and seems destined for reality TV stardom. If nothing else, Olympios showed designs of staying in the spotlight from an early age. A quote from her school yearbook indicates an admiration for another Reality TV star, Paris Hilton. In it, Olympios wrote a rule about not being boring and always dress cute because life was too short to blend in.

She ended it with Hilton's signature line, "that's hot."

A prima donna or a pretentious doll?

During the January 2nd premiere of "The Bachelor," Corinne Olympios mentioned more than once that she help run her family multimillion-dollar Miami-based business. The 24-year-old left out company specifics but a few sources did some internet digging and found a company owned by a James Olympios called Armor Garage, a coating and flooring supplier. Allegedly, James Olympios does indeed have a relative named Corinne. As for it being a multimillion money-maker, Intelius lists it as less than $1 million.

Corinne Olympios has a LinkedIn profile page which states she is a model/actress signed with the DDO Artists Agency.

According to her, she's worked on music videos for Akon, DJ Khaled and Pittbull, adding that being on set is her happy place. What probably perked up the ears of viewers more than anything else was Olympios' claims of having a nanny. Yes, at age 24, the love interest hopeful has someone named Raquel to bring her cucumbers.

Outrageous claims and comments

One sure way to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack is to make bold, outlandish statements. Could Corinne Olympios be the type of woman "The Bachelor" is looking for?

"The Bachelor's" Nick Vial admitted to recognizing potential red flags when it came to a grown woman requiring the services of a nanny for herself.

Nevertheless, he did joke that if things worked out between them, he might obtain a nanny for himself. And if that's not enough to entice a rose from Vial's manly hand's, Olympios said she had a heart of gold and her lady parts were platinum.