Corinne Olympios is moving forward after she was mired in a huge scandal with fellow "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant DeMario Jackson. Before the franchise returns on August 14th, the female outcast happily announced that she will be participating in the reunion special of the ABC program.

Aside from confirming her appearance in a statement to E! News, Olympios refused to disclose further details about the special episode. Her announcement came a few weeks after she confirmed her departure from the fourth season of the show in the wake of the controversy.

Inside Olympios and Jackson's scandal

The "Bachelor in Paradise" team was forced to temporarily stop the production for season four after a producer complained about the behavior of two contestants during the first night of filming. The persons involved were revealed to be Olympios and Jackson, who allegedly had an intimate engagement while the cameras were rolling.

Earlier reports stated the cast members were drinking to celebrate the beginning of their journey in the show when the duo started making out in the swimming pool. After what took place on the night of June 4, the two and the rest of "Bachelor in Paradise" cast members were ordered to leave Mexico and return home while the alleged misconduct was being investigated.

In an interview with Fox News, Olympios called herself the victim of the incident that she can barely remember. Although she has a little memory of what happened between her and Jackson, the female contestant is aware that something bad took place, which compelled the producers to stop the filming.

Jackson, on the other hand, said the controversy has damaged his image and reputation.

The former "Bachelorette" cast argued that most of the details reported were mere accusations and false claims. He even promised to take the necessary action to clear his name from the scandal. He also confirmed his departure from "Bachelor in Paradise" to focus on himself after what happened.

No evidence to prove misconduct allegations

The ABC program was given the green light to resume with the filming of season four after the investigation found no evidence that would support a producer's complaint on alleged misconduct on the set. Olympios, however, was not pleased with the results and carried out her own investigation of the issue.

Three weeks after the incident, the female outcast ended her investigation and announced that she will not be returning in "Bachelor in Paradise," which is slated to premiere on August 14th and 15th at 8:00 p.m.